How to Save your Marriage? Marriage in Islam

It is the greatest blessings of Almighty Allah that He made the house as a shelter and a place of peace for us, in which we live in peace, our souls get complete tranquility, deal one another with mercy and achieve our chastity and purity. House is a place where children find their true love, arise in good atmosphere and relief themselves from hardships and fatigue. It is a safe shelter to protect us from evils and a refuge prescribed by our true religion at time of fitnah (tribulation).
Almighty Allah says:
“And Allah has made for you in your homes an abode.” (An-Nahl 16:80)
Undoubtedly, homes and houses are places of peace and tranquility but in this day and age there is no home without disputes, disagreements and miseries, especially, between wife and husband. To resolve this issue we need to discuss its remedies in the following lines and paragraphs.
Domestic problems, fights and disputes are common nowadays in every home. This topic is quite important and can be an integral part of every couple’s life. Even the happiest couples have been failed to escape fight phase and disputes between them, despite they once thought that they are the perfect couple and nothing wrong can happen between them or ruin their exemplary marital relationship.

Following are some ways and steps to be fulfilled in order to save your marriage and have a peaceful environment in homes.

Fearing Almighty Allah

The best way to save your marriage as a wife and husband, both should fear Almighty Allah regarding their rights. Each of them should fulfill the rights of other in good manner; particularly, the husband should fear Allah much regarding his wife. The beloved Prophet (PBUH) urged his Ummah to fear Allah regarding their life partners. In his last sermon he (PBUH) said:
Fear Allah with regards to women, for you have taken them (in marriage) with the trust of Allah, and their private parts have been made permissible for you with the words of Allah.” (Muslim 1218)

Fulfilling the rights

Allah Almighty says:
“And live with them honorably.” (An-Nisa 4:19)
And live with them honorably, includes civic behaviors of both words and deeds. The husband is obliged to treat his wife with kindness and love, offering her beautiful company, not tormenting her or giving her agony, and behaving toward her with respect and justice. All her essential needs, such as food, clothing, etc, are included in this. Therefore, according to the conventions of the ear, the husband is obliged to give her rights equal to that which they demand in their personal circumstances. Their rights and obligations may be a little different depending on the circumstances of the partners.

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