Express Your Love and Admiration To Your Spouse

To The Brothers:

When you enter your home, smile and give your wife a hug. Show her that you have missed her and that even though there are a million other woman out there your heart lies with her. Alot of men find it difficult to express themselves and this often leads to a marriage that lacks romance and love.

Remember your wife is halal for you so flirt with her, compliment her and express your love and desire for her as she  needs to be reminded that she is the same woman you fell in love with and will always fall in love with everyday of your beautiful married life. Be her best friend, her confidant and her love forever.

To The Sisters:

When he gives you a compliment accept it graciously and do not ignore his efforts. When he expresses himself take the time to be grateful and thank him for trying. Love him for all that he is and all that he is not. Take the time to also compliment him as men also need to feel special and loved.

Express your love and admiration for him and be a comfort to his eyes, heart, mind and soul.

To all married couples: Keep the spark of love and romance alive.Always try to look at your spouse through the eyes that fell in love with each other.May Allah safeguard all marriages and protect our heart, mind and souls from zinah. Ameen.

Remember to always make dua for your marriage and your spouse.

After 40 or 50 years of marriage... through grey hairs and falling dentures, walking sticks and ear aides may your wrinkles hands always be linked to your spouse by love just like you did the day of your nikah.

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