Sisters Who Are Single!

I never realised just how many single sisters out there feel as though they are somehow of *lesser* value, due to them not being either a wife and/or mother. 

But over the last few weeks I've had several sisters asking me questions about whether the fact that they are unmarried, means they are incomplete, or of lesser worth in Islam, than a woman who's married and/or is a mother.

So I thought that it's important to take this opportunity to explain the meaning of the Hadith in which the Prophet ﷺ said:
“When a person gets married he has completed half of his religion, so let him fear Allah with regard to the other half.”

It seems a lot of people are misunderstanding this Hadith to mean that if you're unmarried, you're incomplete in your Religion.

The scholars explained that the meaning of this Hadith is that marriage protects a person from fornication, that's why a person should hasten to get married if they're able. 

Meanwhile, the Prophet ﷺ told us that there are two things we need to guard, in order to safely enter Jannah: the private parts and our tongues; because these two things are the main areas that lead to corruption of a persons religion.

Therefore if a person has guarded themselves from fornication through getting married, they have safeguarded half of their religion, so they now they need to guard the second half, which relates to the sins of their tongue.

So to all my dearest sisters who are single, know that being complete in your Deen, is not based on whether you're single, married or divorced, rather it's based on how much Taqwa a person has, and how much they guard the limits of Allah and His Messenger.

Therefore if being single is what Allah has chosen for you for now, then make the most of your situation and focus your efforts on using whatever skills Allah has given you to serve the Ummah and Islam. 

Realise that as a Muslimah *you* have a valuable contribution to make to this Ummah!

I pray to Allah that all my unmarried sisters and brothers are blessed with righteous spouses who bring happiness to them in this life and the Next Ameen.

— Umm Jamaal ud-Din

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