Muslim Marriage Quotes 2021

  1. “True love makes every thing beautiful but it only arrives when Allah has planned it to enter in your life.”

  2. A wife and a husband should be regarded as friends for the sake of Allah. And that friendship is above material needs; each encouraging the other one to do good deeds, which are pleasing to Allah. — Dr. Bilal Philips

  3. “Get married with the purpose of getting closer to Allah and In'sha'Allah it will be a blessed marriage. Marry someone who will encourage you, elevate your Imaan and most importantly, bring you closer to Allah. — Dr. Bilal Philips

  4. Never force your spouse to choose between you and his/her family. It is unislamic and unethical to do so. Remember that only satan loves to break up families and if you encourage your spouse to cut ties with his/her family, then you are doing the work of the devil for him. — Ibraaheem Menk

  5. “If you love someone, pray for them. Pray for their peace. Pray for their growth. Pray for their success. Pray for their happiness.”

  6. “Rather marry a man with a low income that is on Deen, who will treat you right in fear of Allah than a rich man who has no fear of Allah.”

  7. “No man succeed without a good woman behind him. Wife or Mother, if it is both, he is blessed twice.”

  8. “It's a very delectable feeling for wife when husband admires her in front of his family. And it's a proud for husband when his wife explains his traits/qualities in front of her family.”

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