Dr Bilal Philips Quotes

01. Want to be among the best of Muslims? Be the best in your manners towards others.

02. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can break your heart. Think before your communication causes someone to shed tears.

03. How Merciful is our Lord!  He even makes our distress a way to gain his forgiveness for those who truly believe.

04. Life can change in a second!  Spend your time on things that will count on the scale on Judgement Day.

05. Be careful laughing at others.  For perhaps Allah might forgive their ignorance and not forgive your arrogance.

06. Never give up on yourself! Even when things seem difficult, be patient, make dua, work hard, and rely on Allah.

07. The believer’s life is balanced, always considering the consequences of our actions both here, and in the hereafter

08. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) loved optimism.  No matter how difficult our present situation may be, we must never lose hope in the goodness that will come in the future, with Allah’s help.  Stand your moral ground always!

09. Stay away from people that make you feel like you are hard to love.

How wonderful is the affair of the believer! It may not seem like it now, but everything you’re going through is working for your good! In the end, Allah will give us better than we can ever ask or think, as long as we are patient.

Maybe you slipped, or maybe you fell into a huge error and did things that you were not supposed to without realizing it. But now that you have, repent and don’t look back.

Islam is a religion of moderation, even in our character. So avoid extremism in any form.

It’s normal to cry when our heart gets broken. But do we also cry when we think about Qiyamah (Judgment Day)? Do we cry out of fear of Allah, when we remember His Magnificence and Mercy?

Allah tests us all in different ways. Don’t assume that the difficulties you face in life are punishments or signs of Allah’s displeasure.

Starting your day with the morning prayer definitely makes it a uniquely blessed one. Don't miss that prayer and see the difference.

Are you struggling to sustain positive changes in your actions as a believer? First, try changing what’s in your heart - your behavior is bound to follow.

Humility leads to strength, not to weakness. It is the highest form of self-respect to admit mistakes and make amends for them.

18. Do not dwell on the things you may not have gotten after praying. Rather, think of the countless blessings that Allah gave you without asking.

The reality for those seeking knowledge, as we must seek knowledge of the Deen, is that if there is not, along with that knowledge, a soft heart, then we cannot taste the beauty of that knowledge.

Don't dwell over mishaps. We all make mistakes. Remember, if a diamond is dropped into mud, it's still a gem. It just needs some polishing.

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