Muslim Searching for Marriage

Dear Romantic Muslim searching for Marriage

Please lower your expectation. It's most likely that you won't hold hands and recite lines of Rumi together at night. You won't wake up in the morning and use his finger tips as a tasbih everyday.
You won't make wudhu together at prayer time. It's probable that you won't magically pick up the Arabic language and drop the slickest lines of love on each other - you might have to stick to Google translate.

You won't take long strolls to exotic mosques which are on the beach everyday. It'll be difficult to find a hafidha who looks like a super model, wears the niqab, and feeds you whilst teaching you the correct du'as.

And I'm guessing the sisters will struggle to find some tall, handsome guy who is a muhadith, a muffasir, and a mufti who is well off.

Truthfully, you'll fight and argue over dumb reasons. You might shout and get upset over something small. Sometimes, you'll dribble and sleep through Tahajjud, and wake up super tired for Fajr.
I'm also guessing that you'll mostly communicate in English not in classic Arabic poetry. But that's all good if you both realize that you have faults, and you acknowledge your weaknesses - and through your imperfect relationship, you muster the courage to help one another in reaching the pleasure of Allah.
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