Why Marriage is Awesome

1. It gives you security …that same secure feeling you felt when growing up in your parents’ house, over time you feel that feeling with your spouse.

2. You are always learning. Through good times and bad you are constantly learning about the other person and about yourself.

3. It makes you grow. Having the best Ikhlaq with your spouse is so much harder than having it with others. Hence you learn to work on your character and it makes you grow into a better person in'sha'Allah.

4. You have someone to go everywhere with. Remember that trip you wanted to take to see that one place, well now you can go there with someone and enjoy it.

5. It gives you confidence. A supporting spouse really boosts your confidence level and can help you accomplish many things which you thought you couldn’t do before.

6. It brings you back to reality! Hollywood/Bollywood movies got nothing on real life. Marriage pushes you to live in this world and that if you really want a beautiful life with no sadness, you would have to work for jannah!

7. It can be a source for you to see the fruit of your heart…i.e your children.

And there are many more wisdom behind marriage, most of course are clear solely to Allah. But there is a reason why marriage is highly encouraged in Islam, so don’t delay this sunnah and if possible get married as soon as possible to a pious person with a beautiful character.
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